USAA vs. Safe Auto Insurance: Which is Better for You?

USAA vs. Safe Auto Insurance: Which is Better for You in 2024?

Choosing an auto insurance company to insure your car can be a stressful one. I don’t think you understand how complicated this can be, especially for people who are just buying car insurance for the first time.

Imagine you recently experienced a car accident and need assistance. Then you contacted your auto insurance company for support and to file a claim. However, you find yourself dealing with a complex automated phone system, enduring long hold times, and struggling to communicate with representatives who seem detached and unhelpful.

Nobody wants this kind of problem. However, this is the kind of situation you will find yourself in if you don’t insure your car with the best insurance companies.

Now, you need a good insurer to make this easier for you. Let’s compare two auto insurance companies: USAA vs. SafeAuto.

USAA or Safe Auto: Which Car Insurer is Best for you?

We wanted to simplify your car insurance search, so we checked out the usual auto insurance rates from USAA and Safe Auto. These rates consider various factors like credit score, driving record, and age. Take a look, compare, and get yourself an affordable policy today that you will be proud of in years to come!

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About USAA Auto Insurance

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a financial services company that primarily serves members of the military and their families. They offer various financial products, including auto insurance. USAA is known for providing competitive rates and excellent customer service.

Pros USAA car insurance:

  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of coverage options
  • Military and veteran discounts
  • Strong financial stability

Cons USAA car insurance:

  • Membership eligibility (military only)
  • Limited availability in some states
  • Potential for higher rates for some drivers
  • Limited customization options
  • Focus on online service

About SafeAuto Insurance

SafeAuto Insurance is a company that provides auto insurance coverage to drivers. They are known for offering minimum liability coverage, which is often required by law, and they aim to provide affordable options for those seeking basic coverage.

Pros of SafeAuto Insurance:

  • Competitive rates, especially for high-risk drivers
  • Numerous discounts
  • Direct insurer with streamlined service
  • Standard add-on coverages like rental car reimbursement
  • Affordable option for state minimum coverage

Cons of SafeAuto Insurance:

  • Limited coverage options beyond state minimums
  • Mixed-claims experience reported by some customers
  • Lower financial stability rating compared to some competitors
  • Limited availability in some states
  • Primarily online customer service

USAA vs. Safe Auto Insurance: premium comparison

Our job is to compare the two insurance companies while you make your decision. We will compare USAA vs. Safe Auto based on prices by credit level, rates for bad drivers, age bracket, discounts, ratings, and other products.

USAA vs. Safe Auto: prices by credit score

Consider USAA auto insurance if your credit score is really low. Usually, USAA gives drivers with credit scores of 579 or lower better rates compared to Safe Auto. If you’ve got an outstanding credit score of 800 or more, going with USAA is a smart move. On average, they can save you about $1,081 per year compared to Safe Auto.

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Below are the typical insurance rates based on your credit score tier for both USAA and Safe Auto.

Credit LevelUSAA Average Annual PremiumSafe Auto Average Annual Premium
Very Poor (300-579)$2,682$3,799
Fair (580-669)$1,247$2,483
Good (670-739)$1,057$2,358
Very Good (740-799)$910$1,937
Exceptional (800-850)$840$1,921
USAA vs. Safe Auto Insurance: Comparing rates by credit level

USAA vs. Safe Auto: Comparing rates for bad drivers

If you’ve got a history of at-fault collisions, speeding tickets, driving violations, or a DUI, USAA might be a better option for you compared to Safe Auto. Since each insurance company sets its own pricing, it’s a good idea to compare quotes to figure out which insurer suits you best.

ViolationUSAA Average Annual PremiumSafe Auto Average Annual Premium
At-fault Accident (damage<$1,000)$947$2,500
At-fault Accident (damage>$1,000)$1,304$2,837
Reckless Driving$1,472$2,867
Speeding Ticket$1,124$2,738
USAA vs. Safe Auto: Insurance Rates Based on Violations

USAA vs. SafeAuto: Rates by Age

Car insurance companies consider age to assess risk and determine premiums. Drivers under 25 often face higher car insurance costs due to inexperience, while middle-aged drivers typically enjoy more affordable premiums.

The rate of premiums will start increasing again from age 70 and above. Insurance companies see this age bracket as high-risk.

Because every insurance company has its own approach to pricing age groups, it’s smart to compare rates from both companies and find the best coverage for your needs. As a general guideline, teen drivers might find USAA a better choice over Safe Auto, with potential savings averaging $5,398 per year.

Age BracketUSAA Average Annual PremiumSafe Auto Average Annual Premium
USAA vs. Safe Auto: Comparing rates by age

USAA vs. SafeAuto: Comparing their discounts

Discounts will help you save money on your insurance premium. Both USAA and SafeAuto offer discounts to customers. Although their discounts are not the same, but it’s what I advise policyholders to look out for to help them save on their auto insurance.

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We analyzed the different car insurance discounts from the two companies below. You can check it out:

DiscountUSAASafe Auto
Good StudentYESYES
Multiple PoliciesYES
Multiple VehiclesYESYES
Anti-theft Device(s)YESYES
Anti-lock Brake SystemYES
Good DriverYESYES
Student Away at School
Driver TrainingYES
Green Vehicles
Affinity Membership AlumYES
Advanced Purchase
Pay in FullYES
eSign or ePay
New VehicleYES
Annual MileageYES
Defensive DriverYES
USAA vs. Safe Auto discounts comparison

USAA vs. SafeAuto: Ratings Comparison

You should look at the ratings of the two insurance companies. If you want to compare auto insurance ratings, I will advise you to find customer reviews, financial strength ratings, and complaint records.

Getting this information is easy; you can get it from websites like J.D. Power, AM Best, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Find the USAA vs. Safe Auto ratings comparison below

RatingsUSAASafe Auto
Financial StrengthSuperiorN/A
JD Power RankingsExcellentN/A
User Satisfaction4.6/54.6/5
Ratings Comparison

Conclusion: USAA vs. Safe Auto Insurance

Both SafeAuto and USAA auto are reliable insurance companies to buy your car coverage. Although USAA has the best rates in almost every category, you must be a member to get a quote. If you want to become their member, you should be a military personnel, a family member, or a veteran.

If you didn’t meet these requirements, you should just opt for SafeAuto. They also offer good rates and mouth-watering discounts.

Ready to make a wise choice for your auto insurance? Compare USAA and Safe Auto Insurance today for the best coverage, rates, and customer satisfaction. Your peace of mind on the road starts with the right decision. Get your quotes now!

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